How to post photos in your messages

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How to post photos in your messages

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:23 pm

The forum doesn't host photos for you so this means they need to be online first before they will display in your message. In order to do this you need an account with an online photo album provider. The example I'm going to use is Photobucket this is because its the one i use but there is lots of others out there you can use aswell.

So first of all goto PHOTOBUCKET when you click this link it should bring up a page like this

Click on the join now button and fill in your details to create your account these accounts are free so don't worry. Once you have activated your account you can start to create albums for you photos.

You will need to set photobucket to re-size your photos

If you set it to 640 x 480, this will be the correct size to display in the forum posts (without chopping off any of your pic)

Now you need to upload your photos into photobucket.

Repeat these last 3 steps, until you have uploaded all the photos you want to display in your post.

Now you need to copy the link code from Photobucket into your topic / post

Now go to the forum (new post or new topic)

Right click and paste

Do this for each of your photos .

Once you have finished click the send button

Photobucket hosts photos. The forum just links to your photobucket pics.
So if you delete you pics in photobucket they will not be seen on the forum

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